Four key reasons your future is online


I am worried. I’m worried that too many mature people in the depths of today’s recession are living in fear. Fear of losing their job. Fear of not being able to pay their rising bills. Fear that if they lose their job they’ll not be able to find another. And if they lose their job, […]

What are YOUR career prospects after 40?


This morning I dug out a report undertaken for the Third Age Foundation, entitled  ‘Past it at 40?’, looking into the causes of workplace ageism and discrimination. You can find it here:   Whilst the research was designed to inform policy makers and promote debate, it is just as relevant to individuals in […]

New Blog

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I have set up a new blog here: Whilst will remain as my main site , my blog will carry much more information and background which will be of interest. Please have a look now and I look forward to hearing any comments.       Share this

Would you like a forum?


I am considering putting a forum here on the site to enable members to post their views and exchange information, ideas and experiences. It will also help me considerably to better understand people’s needs and priorities and add new content and resouces that best match these preferences. As you will appreciate though, moderating a forum […]

How to make your income recession proof


Tracking the economic outlook is something that has always fascinated me. Believe it or not, one or two of my friends are economists. I  consult them on their views about what we can expect in the near future, because on a personal and practical level, understanding what is happening in the economy is vital for […]

How to avoid becoming a Previously Important Person


I came across a new term this week, the Previously Important Person or ‘PIP’.  The strict definition being applied is:   Someone who just retired from a position of power and authority, who now orders around family members and is a control freak around the house because he/she has nothing else to do. Often treats […]

Can you rely on your pension?


As we progress in our careers, our pension benefits become an increasingly important component of our reward package. And the reward for our 40 plus years of toil will be a comfortable retirement with a good income. At least that’s how we all used to think… I had a conversation with a friend yesterday who […]

How to remove stress from your work for good


Today I have been looking at stress in the workplace and how it is affecting people. Back in 2007, The Work Foundation produced an illuminating report on this subject. You can read it for yourself here:   This report was written before the recession when we still had a buoyant economy and strong […]

Is job hunting a waste of your time?


I have been trawling around the web today looking at the job hunting advice being given for the over 40’s. It was a pretty  depressing experience. Co-incidentally, one definition of insanity as we were reminded today by Richard Branson is, ‘keeping on doing the same thing when it doesn’t work and expecting a different result’. […]

Top 10 reasons why you are your own biggest asset


If ageism is rife amongst employers and you are concerned that your age is threatening your career and future prosperity, stop and think about this. You’ve got stacks of experience and have learned through many years of seeing successes and failures at work. Your present or prospective employer may not place much value on this, […]

Over 40’s are trail blazing new careers


The phenomenon of people who may have been employed for 20 or more years suddenly starting new careers at 40 or over is an exploding new trend. There has always been a phenomenon of older workers trying something new, but the trend has hit a high in the last year or two.  So what is […]